« gauguin le loup dans le soleil »




un film (français, danois) Film de Henning. CARLSEN

avec Donald Sutherland (gauguin), Max von Sydow (august strinberg), Jean Yanne (william molard),  Luis Rego, Fanny Bastien (juliette Huet),Sophie Grabol

« The Woolf at the door » « Oviri » tells the story of this period in gauguin’s life and of the four women with whom he was involved : his stranged danish wife, Mette who lived in Copenhagen, still rigid with disaproval for gauguin’s abondement of his sucessfull careeras a broker.
Juliet Huet his former model, still in love wih him, by whom he has a daughter, Annah, his present model, a javanese emigré in paris, Judith Molard, the daughter of his landlady, a fourteen-year-oldswedish girl who hero worshipped Gauguin and concieved a passion for him.

Fanny Bastien Ovidi