Biographie Anglais

Fanny Bastien is born in a triangle of fire somewhere in germany.
at forteen in a half she’s lives whith her buddies on an adventurous quest for her mission on a earth.

« how,where ,as what can she be reborn ? ». she decided to reeducate a pockets three books « christals dreams,…………………. »

after spending somewhere wandering around and doing few littles jobs. she gets her act together and passes an audition dance school academy where she’ will spend a year. impulsive and intense , she will performed in various shows before entering « the fatellini circus school ».childdream says she-dancing on a tight rope ,stretched over the world,linking her like a bridge over the great universe
she shanpened her claws with the help of vera greg ,john strasberg ,jack waltzer.

the lucernaire theater welcomes her,hives her in a play « l’homme en peluche by jean marc lonvall . the next step iswhen fernando arrabal offers her a part in his film « the cemetery of cars »
she’s noticed by jacques fansten give her first break in « dorothy ,danseuse de corde » in adaptation from  maurice leblanc book.the sory of which relates to the wandering life of a young girl who dances on a tihgt rope dancer in a circus. like flying all over the world and which fanny loves to grow .. from then on her path of quest-flashes ahead of her , faster and faster under her impatient footsteps.
like in a inevitable daydream goes from film to film. fanny bastien sailing from art films to more populars films,amongs the many poeple she has work « whith gerard jugnot,richard berry,bernard giraudeau ,anthony quinn,donald sutherland ,yurgen prochnov ,robert powell ,patrick fierry ,annie girardot ,mika kaurismaki ,jacques doillon ,brahim staki ,edouard niermance ,olivier marchal, dominique ladoge »…see cv at first,her choices are for more strangely,inclassables parts-in marge of society,imaginery ,baroque ,extreme : it’s my way of talking about people i loved and was touch tolstoi said « the artist’s soul mission help mankind love life under all his forms »

if by chance you should meet her,even more speak with her ,you will see her face come to life. « secret claraty that can suddenly change into a laught of a thousands the questions you may ask her , she answers. « my life ? sleep on a map of the world ,negative of a film,on a stage even on a bed of rosemary. to walk ,to walk each day,listening to the sonds,trees,and passing time.
movies,stage….. ? emotions,space,light,invention,temple of profesion i love for it is mylife- a life i’ve choosen.
interpretor , and conducteur at the same time.
later on fanny bastien creates a space of creation and freedom called « damned » a word of many meanings thatshe imagined with her friends and her stylist friend najet.
« yes, i like behives !